Folui Fish Curry Fish Recipe Bengali Cooking Tips and Benefits

India, West Bengal, Kolkata
Published 1 week ago
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Folui Fish Curry Fish Recipe Bengali Cooking Tips and Benefits
India, West Bengal, Kolkata,
Published 1 week ago


We bring to you the best of Bengal. Here are some traditional recipes that you'll absolutely love:

1. Dimer Dhokar Dalna and Luchi
A common Bengali dish of steamed cakes made with eggs, potatoes and spices and simmered in an aromatic curry.
2. Bhapa Aloo
The humble potato tossed in local flavors of panchphoron, coconut paste and mustard oil. Simple yet satisfying!
3. Chingri Malai Curry

Palatable prawns are cooked in hot spices and then bathed in the creamy flavor of coconut milk. Chingri refers to the river prawns.
4. Sorsebata Ilish Mach
'Hilsa' fish is the highlight of the local cuisine. The fish is marinated with turmeric and delicately simmered in a mustard-poppy seed paste along with the five-spice mix (panchphoron).
5. Bengali Lamb Curry
Lamb marinated in the comforting flavor of yogurt and cooked in mustard oil along with mustard seeds, almonds and castor sugar that adds a sweet undertone.
6. Doi Maach
Doi maach is a comforting fish curry. Tender chunks of fish are cooked in the soothing flavor of yogurt along with mild spices. It tastes best when served with plain rice.
7. Baigun Bhajja
Pan fried eggplants, sizzling with aromatic spices. Served with a freshly made, tangy tomato chutney.
8. Patishapta
A Bengali dessert prepared in the form of thin crepes stuffed with a delicious coconut and jaggery filling.
9. Sandesh
Bengali desserts are great charmers with chenna or fresh cottage cheese as one of the primary ingredients in most of them. Here's how to make the ultimate melt-in-the-mouth sweet.
10. ChorChori
A vegetarian delight, chorchori is a fresh mix of vegetables like potatoes, brinjal, cauliflower and pumpkin flavored with the famous 'panchphoron'.
11. Bengali Style Chana Dal
Flavored with coconut, ghee and an assortment of whole spices, Bengali Style Chana Dal tastes mildly spicy and packed with nutrition since it is a helpful source of zinc, folate, calcium, protein and is low in fat content. It only takes a few minutes to prepare the whole dish. Serve it with steamed rice or just chapatis for a humble weeknight dinner or lunch.
12. Bengali-Style Khichuri (Khichdi)
Comforting, quick, easy and irresistibly delicious, this Bengali-style khichdi is a must-try for your next meal.

13. Dhokar Dalna
A delicious Bengali treat, Dhokar Dalna has fried chana dal cakes marinated along with potato cubes dipped in a thick gravy of cumin seeds, hing, and bay leaf along with ginger and red chili paste.

These Bengali dishes ensure a hearty meal for your guests, so put that apron on and try each one of them.

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